Learn to trade with the right methods of analysis and forecasting


The benefits encourage forex trader several people but many of them do not know how to move operations . This is not as serious as several courses and tips are available online on the website specializing particularly as www.make-money-web.biz. Such courses exist theories and advanced training videos to learn how to more easily trader. However, this article will focus more on methods of analysis and forecast to forex.

Making a profit in forex to make money does not happen in a vacuum because it results in a good analysis in advance. This allows to intelligently manage its portfolio and identify future market trends. Before learning how to trade , it is well to understand the factors and mechanisms involved in future movements. To do this, two analysis methods are used. This is the graphical analysis and fundamental analysis .

The graphical analysis

Also known as non technical or analytical , graphical analysis is based on the evaluation of forex graphs . This study is to use forex indicators ( indicator followed trend and oscillators ) to predict market trends . Graphical analysis is similar to a meteorological study. Indeed, a meteorologist based on several indicators (wind , pressure, humidity , temperature … ) to make forecasts . Assimilating knowledge and evidence gathered , the meteorologist will have to say with more or less certainty about the future expectations . The trader in turn, use the straight , the volume indices , moving averages , oscillators , and many other elements to assert themselves on the decline and fitted trends. This information can be false or true, then not to rely on responses evoked by others. Have more confidence in yourself because the objective is not to be right at any time but to achieve more gains than losses .
Graphical analysis can also be done via the computer assisted programs . These are known as trading system or expert advisor .

Fundamental analysis

Based on the study of the economic climate , fundamental analysis can be done in two forms. The first is to analyze several months , the trends of a currency. This analysis to calls for increased knowledge , reflecting its complexity. The second method involves fundamental analysis trader relying on economic news. Indeed, the results of economic ad rotate daily loop well-defined schedules. The figures released by the news cause more or less hard acceleration downward or upward . The discourse on monetary policy status , interest rates raised, feed conversion , the result of the trade balance , unemployment and employment rates ads can positively or negatively influence market trends . The fundamental analysis can decipher caused by elements that provided the news impact. Thus, a bad economic trend may lead to a lower monetary currency while a healthy economy will lead to the increase of the currency.

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