I Think My Partner has Cheated on Me, How Can I find out for Sure?


The thought of your boyfriend or husband cheating can make you feel physically sick. You don’t want to believe that they have betrayed you, yet there’s a nagging voice in the back of your head making you think that perhaps they have been unfaithful. When your instincts tell you something it’s normally worth paying attention, but how can you find out if your partner has cheated if he’s not going to admit it to you? Here are some signs to look out for.


He Won’t Speak on the Phone In Front of You

Sometimes it’s necessary to leave the room to take a call. There may be guests in the room or the noise level might be too high. These are both reasonable reasons for someone to leave the room to speak on the phone, but when your partner leaves the room on a regular basis when it’s just the two of you or the room is quiet you might want to take this as a sign that something untoward is going on.

He Deletes Every Text Message on His Phone

Cheating partners take care to cover their tracks and one way they do this is by deleting their text messages and call history. Most people will leave deleting their messages until they have run out of space, often keeping the messages like they would keep hand written letters. If your other half is constantly deleting his messages, especially as soon as he’s received them you may want to ask him what’s going on.

He’s Suddenly Spending More Time Out of the House

Have you noticed him staying out of the home for longer periods of time? Perhaps he is going out with a new friend or staying back in the office doing overtime at any given chance? If this is the case it’s worth paying an interest in the person he’s spending his time with.

He Has a Different Smell

Often men will try new aftershaves and shower gels when they embark on an affair. They may also come back with her scent carrying on his skin or clothes. These signs shouldn’t be ignored. The other way a smell can bust a cheater is thanks to showering in the day. They’ll smell strongly of shampoo or shower gel at the end of work or when they return back from an evening out and usually the strong soapy smells have dispersed by then.

He may be trying out new looks, new fashions and new haircuts too. If he’s suddenly looking to buy new clothing and is now grooming himself excessively it’s a good idea to ask why this change has come about.

He’s Acting Differently

Your partner may have a different personality trait popping through. You may find he is becoming more social when he was quite reserved and introverted before, or perhaps he’s now obsessed with a new hobby that is keeping him away from the home and away from you. Keep an eye out for overnight trips, working late and excessive nights out that are out of character.

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