How to Survive On the Retail High Street


The internet has taken the retail world by storm and because of this there has been an effect on the high street. This has meant that some stores that you would usually find on the high street have had to close because they are not receiving the business they once use to.




There are some ways though that high street shops may be able to save themselves. You are able to get companies in like to come into your store to do customer satisfaction surveys and internal audits so that you are able to see where you are able to improve your store.

There are some high street shops that are still thriving despite the internet and have managed to do this by creating social campaigns, improving their customer service both online and in store and having in store promotions to attract consumers towards the store instead of online.

Online Shopping:The main reason that online shopping has become so popular is because it is convenient to the shopper. The online community has a greater engagement in that you are able to log on to your favorite shop and see what deals there are and also the product recommendations. A shopper is also able to see what their friends or family are recommending.

The high street shops will find it difficult to compete on this basis’s but they are able to compete on other ones. These include customer service as well as return and exchange policies. There are some shops that actually still have a no returns policy.

Hold Events in Stores: The high street shops are able to host in store events and promotions. These in store events can attract a lot of consumers especially when the staff has the specialist knowledge, there is a discount being offered and to make it a complete event you can also offer snacks. These events can be promoted using social media and other social platforms.

The in store experience that is offered to consumers can also be improved so that shopping at the store becomes an experience in itself and this will not be able to reproduced online. In order to survive on the high street, stores need to start thinking of ways that they are able to get the consumers off the computer and back into the shops.

Consumers will not stop shopping ion the high street completely as there is still an experience to be had by going around the shops as consumers still like the personal touch of shopping and being able to touch the products that they wish to buy especially with clothing.

Smaller traders can do a lot to change their stores more so than the larger retailers, which means that these are still able to survive on the high street.

Author Bio: Dominique Horn used to see where she was able to improve in satisfying her customers that came into her shop. Tern did surveys for her shop and found the areas where she could improve.

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