How Retail Design Can Affect Your Business


When it comes to tweaking the finer details of your beloved company one must consider a few minor things, including how your shop or store will be presented to the general public. There are a few unwritten rules in terms of how to approach it properly, which can put you in reasonably good stead if done correctly. Here we have a more detailed look at some of the key things to remember when kitting out your new place.

No Order, No Sales… 

Most if not all shops recognise that in order to get the most sales for certain items they need to be ordered in a certain manner. For instance, if you have a new product out and you are looking to get some extra sales for it you could place a special display either near the front entrance or near the till. This way it is always seen by some if not all customers. You also need to bare in mind what section a particular item may come under. You wouldn’t see a bar of soap in the drinks aisle would you?


Cluttered Spaces Are Ugly Spaces 

There is nothing worse than walking into a packed store where you can’t move around and you feel somewhat closed in. Cluttered spaces are the least attractive spaces in the retail sector by far, and can cost any business dearly. It can also be a slight health and safety issue if there are any obstructions to any of the exits or someone trips on something. Clever storage solutions such as shelving and pigeon holes can help to tidy up the place whilst still displaying your products to the masses in an attractive manner.

Don’t Be Too Quirky 

Colours and styles vary from business to business, and everyone looks to stand out from the crowd as much as possible. This is where some companies can take things a tad too far. Tacky colour combos and weird or obscure furnishings can really put some people off, and may not be as inviting as you’d expected it to be. Styles can vary depending on the niche you fall under but as a general a clean cut look is always advised as it’s the most user friendly and puts more focus on the products you sell.

It’s not impossible to create a blissful utopia for your loyal customers, but it does take a little time and research to get it right. Once you’ve found that sweet spot you can be sure that your business will go along nice and steadily.  For more information or help with your shops interior why not look around online for tips and guides, or have a chat with your local retail design company.

James Patrick is a Content Writer in S&R Agency. He has been working in S&R Agency for 10 years now and he is happy and fulfilled in his job. He is regular writer of

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