Flyer Advertising Tips


Flyers can be an effective and inexpensive way to advertise products and services. However, they are more suited for advertising to consumer customers. Many companies do not print flyers for business customers because these customers prefer more professional forms of advertising such as brochures. Nevertheless, flyers are great advertising tools. Used properly, flyers can be an effective means of driving traffic towards a business.



A Strong Headline:One of the most significant aspects of a flyer is its headline. This is normally the first line of a copy. Print flyers with catchy headlines and slogans. The headline text should be larger than the rest of the text. In addition, the headline should have a distinct font that differentiates it from the rest of the text body. The headline should make a statement that will attract the attention of the target audience. Consider including the word “Attention” before the headline. The word tends to make people read whatever follows it.

Appeal and Readability: Print flyers with attractive features and information that is easy to read. Use larger font sizes than you would use with letters and reports, but still keep them smaller than the headline. Include pictures and items that show the kind of products or services you offer. Pictures can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a flyer. Aesthetic appeal can also be achieved by using lots of white space. Space the text adequately to enhance readability.

Specific Instructions: Tell the reader exactly what you want them to know including information about the products or services offered as well as contact information at the bottom of the flyer. If necessary, include a small map with directions to the business premises. Also, provide information regarding the duration of the offer. Offer incentives for customers who bring in their flyers such as discounts and gifts for the first ten customers. Incentives can attract many people to the flyers. They can also be an effective means of gauging the effectiveness of the flyers.

Right Places to Distribute Flyers: Have your customers in mind when designing flyers. The target audience also determines where to distribute the flyers. For example, if the target audience is the elderly, distribute the flyers in places where elderly people reside or go to frequently. Also, consider the architectural make-up of the area. You will need more flyers in an area full of apartments and fewer flyers in an area full of bungalows.

Target high traffic areas such as grocery store bulletin boards and malls. Contact the managers of these premises to ensure they allow flyer distribution in their premises. Keep the flyer distribution within specific radius. 

Synergy: Arrange for the flyers to be distributed in events and functions that fall in line with the business or cause. For example, if you are selling movie tickets, arrange to print flyers and distribute them before the official release of the movie. Consider establishing partnerships with other businesses, especially those that advertise with flyers. Such partnerships can speed up flyer distribution and enhance efficiency. Follow up by checking with local people to see if they received the flyers.


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