Five Steps to Getting out of the Debt Cycle


When you start to rely on credit cards to make regular purchases, then you are getting caught up in the debt cycle. It is a downward spiral that can knock your financial world off track and make everything a bit more difficult. With a little help and some self-control, you can get out of the debt cycle and get your life back.

Develop A Budget

If you want to break the debt cycle yourself, then the first step is to create your own monthly budget. When you put all of your bills and expenses on a piece of paper, they can seem less intimidating. Add up your expenses and then figure a schedule for paying those bills and expenses using your income. With a real budget to work from, you can get out of debt. Having a planned out budget will also help you realize how much money you are spending on things and then cut things out where necessary.

Stop Using Your Credit Cards

With a budget in place, you can see just how much money you have left over each month to spend on food, entertainment, and gas for the car. When you have cash, that means that you can stop using your credit cards and put a freeze on your damaging credit card balances. A good rule is that if you don’t have the cash for it, don’t buy it!

Cut Back On Spending

To break the credit debt cycle, you will need extra cash each month to pay down your bills. That means that you will have to find ways to save money and then apply that money towards your bills. You can do things like bag your lunch for work and bring your own coffee in the morning instead of stopping off to buy a coffee. Use any extra money to pay off your credit card bills. This will help you to save money on late fees and interest rates in the long run.

Get Professional Help

If you feel that you are losing the debt battle and have no idea where to turn, then get help from a financial professional. You can look at websites such as find experts who can help you get your finances under control and get your life back.

Bring In Extra Income

The biggest battle for people trying to break the debt cycle is to pay for essentials without using their credit cards. Part of the debt cycle is relying on credit cards to pay for groceries and other necessary items. If you get a part-time job while you are breaking the debt cycle, then you can apply the extra money towards your necessary expenses. Once you have your debt under control, you can choose to leave the part-time job, or keep it.

Breaking the oppressive cycle caused by relying on credit cards is not easy. But with a little help and a plan, you can get your financial life back under control.



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