Five Ideas For Saving Money On College Education Expenses


Five Ideas For Saving Money On College Education ExpensesAlthough there are a ways to save money on tuition, once you have enrolled in college these costs have already been taken care of. Whether through financial aid, a student loan or simply paying for the tuition yourself, the money is spent; but the cost of attending college other than tuition can add up quickly. Here are five tips to help reduce the expenses of attending a university.


Buy used textbooks when possible


If you have never seen the price of a new college textbook, you may be in for a shock. A typical textbook can easily cost more than $50, and some of them can reach as high as $150 depending upon the subject matter and the division level of the class subject. Often a used text book can be found in college bookstores, but because they are sold at a substantially lower price than the newer textbooks, they usually sell fast so you should act as soon as you are sure of the assigned reading for a semester. Make sure to assure that the textbooks listed in a syllabus are accurate.

Buy new textbooks on the Internet


Whether it is a textbook or any piece of equipment that you need for your class, the best deals will be found on the Internet. The local store on or off campus will seldom offer a discount for items because they have a captive market for their products. The only trick with buying on the Internet is that you need to shop around and find a good price from a company with a good reputation. There is also a transit time in shipping to receive your item, so you need to plan ahead.


Buy new equipment online


Any type of equipment that is needed for your education can be purchased on the Internet and it can be bought at a substantial discount. Things such as best selling microscopes for schools, laptops, and advanced calculators for science and math are lower in price than local stores.


School supplies should be no frills


Notebooks, paper, pencils and any other supplies you need for class should be rock bottom in cost. Never pay more for a special designs or brands for your supplies.


Plan your meals ahead of time


A college student can save a lot of money on food by planning ahead. Impulse purchases can add up quickly. This is especially true for snack. Low priced snacks can be purchased at a grocery store and carried with you. Avoid vending machines and eating out as much as possible.



In general, the best way to reduce your expenses is to think about how you are spending your money. Budget your money first, then watch how you are spending your money and think about how you can reduce the cost.


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