Five Great Ways To Furnish Your Home On The Cheap


Five Great Ways To Furnish Your Home On The CheapIf you’re in the process of buying a new home or you are ready for a change, it’s time to buy new furniture and redecorate. As you may know, new mass produced furniture is far from cheap, and if you’re on a limited budget, you may be looking for creative ideas from frugal and resourceful DIY home decorators so that you can transform your space on a dime. In a perfect world an individual would have a free sign on their entire high-grade living room set on the curb, but this rarely happens in anyone’s lifetime. If you are looking for practical ways to refurnish on the cheap, here are ways to avoid spending a ton of money.


1. Let the Internet Work For You


Craigslist has become perhaps the largest online classifieds platform on the Internet today. Many people use this platform to find discounted furniture or even free pieces, but all too often, if it is a great deal, you are too late by the time you see a listing. If you want to increase your chances of finding furnishings that suite your style, you can use a price watching tool and get notified as soon as something that meets your requirements on Craigslist is posted. By using tools like IFTTT, you can set the classifications and get notified so that you can act on low-cost deals.


2. Thrift Store Really Do Have Treasures


Many people assume a thrift store will have dirty and damaged furniture but this isn’t always the case. Many times, the pieces at the thrift store are made of high-quality materials that are no longer used by cheap manufacturers. See what is being donated, and look in the more affluent areas where the quality tends to be higher.


3. Don’t Replace Items That Can Be Repaired or Revamped


Your old couch isn’t necessarily junk if you are a crafty individual. If you can sew and the foundation of the couch is still strong, you may want to consider making cushions that will go with your new theme. If you are considering remodeling the kitchen, don’t throw out good-looking appliances that can be repaired for a fraction of the price. If an Appliance Repair Atlanta company can repair your appliance and it matches with the kitchen design, pay for repairs and not for replacement. This leaves more money for other modifications.


4. Find Out What Furniture Stores Do With Defects


If you must have new furnishings, you may want to get creative with furniture stores. Many stores will dispose of pieces with a small scratch or dent that can easily be repaired. Ask the store where the defects go and if they are available for purchase at a discount. Repair the scratch or the dent, and you have found a bargain.


5. Dive For Treasure


Dumpster diving doesn’t mean to literally climb into a dumpster, but if you drive by trash areas you may find treasures that are usable next to the bins. Turn sanding and finishing into a crafty project, and you can find furniture that can be made over for virtually nothing.


Look for the best deals before you pay full price for anything. Once you find the best furniture, show off your artsy talents and make artwork with a paintbrush and a canvas. By doing all of this, you will take more pride in your homemade space designed on a budget.

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