Financial Resolution of 2014: Manage Investment in Terms of Structured Settlement


Now that the new year is here, you probably have made a few New Year’s Resolutions. For example, many people want to get fit and healthy, so they might make a resolution to lose weight and work out. This is probably the most popular type of resolution for many people, but another popular type of resolution relates to finances. Many people resolve to save more money or perhaps start planning for retirement. If you already have an emergency savings stash and you have maxed out your retirement funds, then you should think about what to do with your extra money, you should think about investing it. If you are not averse to risk, the stock market is always a good option, especially if you are investing it in the long run. If you are more averse to risk then you should think about bonds and CDs. However, if you want something with good returns and something safe, you should think about secondary annuity markets.

Manage InvestmentsWhat are secondary annuity markets? Well, many people today receive some sort of payment in the form of an annuity. For example, there are people who win the lottery and instead of taking a lump sum, they get a yearly or monthly payment and will do so until they get the equivalent of the lump sum. Or some people may get an inheritance that guarantees them an annuity. More often than not, they may get the annuity from a structured settlement from the court. Perhaps they successfully sued another party or they have received the settlement from their insurance company. Now, while many people may want the stability of getting an annuity, others may want the lump sum. For example, they may experience financial troubles or health troubles and so their bills may start piling up. Or they might want to invest in a business or get a higher education degree so they can increase their income instead of just relying on an annuity. These people will then try to sell their annuity or structured settlements cash in a lump sum on the secondary annuities market.

Now, most structured settlement cash agreements are sold to institutions or companies. But, more and more individual people are getting into this investment vehicle. If you are looking for an investment, you should think about buying structured settlements cash. Basically, you can pay someone for their structured settlements cash money. You give them your money (minus a percentage) and they hand over the periodic payments. The idea is, the lump sum you give them will be less than the total amount so you will get in the end.

Why should you invest in structured settlements cash agreements? Well, for one thing, these are usually guaranteed. For the most part, you won’t have to worry about not getting your payments. There are some risks. For example, the institution paying out the annuity may file for bankruptcy. If you find someone who has an annuity from the lottery or inheritance, you can practically guarantee that you will get the structured settlements cash. You can get a large ROI as well, depending on the terms. You can set your own terms and get the return that will be much better than just putting your money in a savings account. Plus, you will experience less volatility than the stock market and you may see returns much sooner.

So, if you are looking to overhaul your finances this New Year, think about investing into structured settlements cash agreements. You need to find a secondary annuity market so you can begin. Of course, this should only be one part of your whole financial plan.

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