Fantastic Ways to Save Money


Though financial planning can seem difficult and time consuming, organising your spending can be very uplifting and reassuring. There’s nothing worse than not knowing if you can pay your bills, and basically just ‘winging’ it hoping for the best. By monitoring what you spend each month, mostly in terms of outgoings like bills and rent, you can gain a whole new perspective on where money goes each month, and subsequently where you can reduce spending in order to reserve money for those luxuries you can’t live without. Though this may be the case, cutting back on some of those luxuries is often a good starting point, since saving money on unnecessary items will free up money for important things, and with a view to the long term set you up with the expendable cash you need to have fun and spend on things you desire. Here are three easy tips to help you save money:

Go out less to bars and clubs less


Bars and clubs, and generally speaking anywhere which serves alcohol, are often people’s downfall. Places which serve alcohol often take advantage of customer’s need to buy drinks once they’re inside, and thus charge extortionate prices. Also, under the influence of alcohol, inhibitions are reduced to the point where you’ll happily spend any amount in order to keep things moving forward and enjoy yourself. As great as this is for those who can afford it, blowing anything from £100 upwards on a night out is criminal when you consider bills which have to be accounted for at home.

Having a good time is a very important aspect of life, and so in difficult times it is just as important, if not more so to enjoy yourself. It is therefore recommended to find waysto socialise and generally have a good time without allotting huge bills. What better way than to invite friends round for great company and a fantastic evening together. Here you can achieve a great atmosphere on whatever scale you deem appropriate, and avoid the regret and dissatisfaction associated with blowing ridiculous amounts of money.

Budget your spending


Budgeting is another critical initiative. In pre-recession times, this would have been a foreign concept to most people, since wages were able to cover all outgoings with money left over to enjoy. As people continue to live this care free lifestyle, more and more are coming unstuck due to the current economic climate. A new approach is needed for a new economy, and thus it is important to monitor spending.

By gaining a perspective on how much you truly need to spend each month, you can prioritise the importance of each element of expenditure, subsequently helping you to make decisions on where you can cut back.

So long as your incomings are greater than your outgoings, you will be able to live debt free. From here it is a matter of working out how much money you want in expendable cash, and therefore how much you need to reduce some of your costs by in order to achieve this.

Remember your goals for saving!


This is very important, and is more a thought to bear in mind rather than a practical solution. It is nonetheless as important as the rest. In order to provide motivation, you must always remember why it is you are doing what you are doing. For whatever reason it may be, always bear it in mind, and this will help you persist in saving and ultimately achieve your goal.

Follow these tips for some fantastic money saving opportunities!

Author Bio: James Patrick is a regular contributor of money saving tips and debt advice. When he is not busy working with the team at he enjoys keeping up-to-date with the latest news from the world of Finance, and the occasional game of FIFA 2014!

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