Derbyshire Lifting Company Set To Regenerate Scottish Shipyard


Derbyshire lifting firm, Street Crane Company, has agreed to deliver no less than nineteen new overhead travelling cranes to the former naval dockyard at Rosyth in Scotland. Since 1993, the dockyard hasn’t been able to play a significant part in the industrial life of the region. It used to house the refitting operation of the Royal Navy submarine fleet – that is, until the operation was moved to Devonport Dockyard.


These days, the dockyard is used to store the seven decommissioned Royal Navy submarines. It will also become the new integration site for the construction of two Queen Elizabeth Class air carriers. It looks like Rosyth dockyard might be getting a little bit of a boost, a little bit of love and attention. Let’s face it – it’s absolutely vital that we keep our historic dockyards open. Rosyth was built in 1909, so it is well over a century old at this point.

Though few people realise it, historic dockyards and shipyards like Rosyth are a part of our heritage, say experts at The Derbyshire Times. They represent what we could achieve as a nation, what we can still achieve with the right levels of passion, grit and determination. It’s also really important to recognise the contribution of our heavy lifting companies. They don’t get a lot of praise or attention, because they’re not part of a very glamorous industry. If they suddenly disappeared tomorrow, the construction work in this country would instantly stop – that’s a certainty.

It might be Derbyshire firm Street Crane Company that has won the contract for this job, but there are plenty of other skilled lifting business out there. City Lifting, in Essex, deals with contracts from all over central London and its outskirts too. It experts pride themselves on their exemplary safety record, high end professionalism and ability to meet any task with enthusiasm and ingenuity. There is much to be said about the importance of the material lifting sector in this country.

The cranes being delivered to Rosyth are designed to enhance yard productivity and provide workers with an efficient and modern mechanical handling system. Street Crane Company is responsible for not only the delivery of nineteen cranes, but the decommissioning of eight older ones too. The new cranes are all of double girder construction and range in capacity from ten to thirty five tonnes safe working load, say the experts at Custom built hoists are being used to aid the fast delivery and set up of these machines.

As with all lifting operations, safety is a top priority. If your chosen lifting company doesn’t have the time for rigorous safety procedures and sophisticated safety strategies, it is not a reliable company. If it is not willing to invest in the newest safety technologies, it is not a reliable company. A firm like City Lifting is dedicated to the continued safety of every individual who comes into contact with its lifting machines. A construction site can be a very dangerous place, so it’s vital that a lifting firm is able to manage and control the operational risks.

Hopefully, the regeneration of Rosyth dockyard will shed some light on the excellent work that our lifting companies do. It may not be a glamorous industry, but it’s a necessary one. It can be difficult, risky, dirty and downright dangerous – don’t forget just how much physical and mental skill must go into controlling and operating an over head crane or lifting machine.

Author Bio: Stanley Turner has been a construction supervisor for seven years. He recommends City Lifting for the widest range of overhead cranes and other lifting vehicles. Stanley can usually be found giving orders to his crane operators, or filling out procedural safety forms.

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