Background Checks When Working Online?


Nearly every employer in the job market requires a background check. This is for good reason. Employers depend heavily on the data that is revealed in these checks for both job applicants and existing employees. The information can even be readily handy for volunteers as well. Many jobs require these types of screenings due to federal and/or state law. With employers being more vigilant than ever due to easy internet access to personal information, applicants should be well informed and totally honest throughout the process.

Why are background checks so essential for all types of employers?

Most employers have particular reasons that are set in stone as to why they check both current and potential staff members. Depending on the job type, the requirements and red flags that an employer is looking out for may be subject to change. One of the most crucial reasons is the new rise in negligent hiring lawsuits. An employee can be held liable if a staff member’s actions in turn harm that of another employee. This makes employers take a closer look at all applicants and their past. One simple misstep may cost a business in many ways.

Numerous employers have cited the current events in the media as specific motivations for the trend in background screenings. This has no bearing on a particular job type and even includes those who work online. Whether it is due to the latest in falsified information or new federal and state laws that weigh heavily on age of information in which we live, there are multiple reasons for an employer to delve further than a resume can go. The implication of a background check alone can make many applicants venture to be more honest.

What does a background check include?

Background screens have a wide variety of priorities in the verification process. An employer will need an applicant’s Social Security number in order to accurately accumulate the details of an individual for future employment purposes. There are a number of employers who are in fact also searching social media sites such as Facebook for their applicants as well.

Some of the key points that are typically involved in a thorough background check can include many public records that have been developed by government agencies. The most common consist of driving records, vehicle registration, credit reports, criminal screening, education records, court documents and bankruptcy filings. The list goes on and on. Though the data that is afforded to a background check may vary depending on the job type, any employer can find background screenings useful.

How much do background checks cost?

The question that most employers truly want to know is simply put. Are background checks free? Actually, there are many background screenings that are available free. However, these checks are typically limited in the information that they have access to. Prior to purchasing a check, it is important to be well informed of the underlying details. Some employers will require adequate data at the county level. For this, a 7 year county criminal check can be highly efficient. The cost varies greatly depending on the provider as well as minor variables. All employers must do thorough research before payment method committal.

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