5 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal


Do you have future plans to sell your house? If you are not planning on staying in your current home, enhancing the curb appeal of your home can improve the resale value of your house immensely. From fresh paint to lawn maintenance, keeping your home fresh faced is very important in the world of real estate.

Fencing Design

If the house does not already have one, a fence can be an exquisite addition to the property. From Western Red Cedar fences to custom wrought iron fencing, the options are endless in fencing design. The first step in building a fence is deciding whether you want full privacy or a semi-privacy fence design. A wrought iron fence won’t give you full privacy, but it is incredibly durable and fits a certain type of architectural design.

Austin Wood Fence Design

Different wood fence designs give you different amounts of privacy, such as shadow-boxing, picket fencing, and horizontal fence panels. Horizontal panels have become popular in recent years with homes leaning toward a more modern design. The two main material options in wood fencing are Western Red Cedar and Pine. Of the two, Western Red Cedar is the highest quality of wood, not prone to warping, and will last for many years.

Of course, you don’t have to choose one over the other, wood or iron, many homes have a wooden exterior fence and then wrought iron fencing details for gardens, gates, and pool fences. Fencing in your pool is very appealing to potential home buyers who have young children as it increases safety.

Lawn Maintenance

When it comes to lawn maintenance and landscaping,  think of it as a blank canvas for your home’s curb appeal. Creative landscaping and well-manicured lawns boost the appeal of a home to passersby and those in the buyers’ market. Before you go out and buy new plants and grass, make sure you are revamping your yard at the right time of year. Also take into mind the budget you are willing to spend on landscaping.

The maintenance and upkeep of your yard is very important, so if you live in harsh weather conditions or don’t have the time, perhaps choosing a dry landscape design is the better option for you. Rock gardens, succulents, and cacti make for great curb appeal, and can give your home a real sense of character. The easy upkeep of a yard is a great selling point for people in the market of a new home.

Dry landscaping is not your only option. Having a lush lawn of green grass and a flowering garden also enhances your home’s exterior. Hiring a landscape architect is beneficial if you don’t exactly have a green thumb. They can give you insight as to what plants fare well in your climate, and the best placement for design and sunlight.

Paint Exterior Surfaces

Painting the exterior of a house is a simple, affordable and very effective home improvement option. Quality paint, paint primer and proper technique are vital to achieve a desired result that will last. Neutral tones tend to be a safer bet for curb appeal and resale value.

Garage Doors

It is amazing how different a home can look with a new garage door design. Garage doors are available with combination materials such as aluminum and glass and wood and steel, and styles include doors with and without windows. If you have a long driveway, installing a wrought iron gate and fence also enhance your home’s appeal.

Driveway Paving

To help the property look nicer and prolong the life of the driveway, promptly fill cracks and holes and clean up oil spills. A professional contractor knows if the driveway pavement is asphalt or concrete and how to make the repairs and maintain the surface. Besides concrete and asphalt, driveways can be made of many other types of material including brick, flagstone, granite, glass, sand, sandstone, gravel and rock. The shape of a driveway also accents the house.

Whether it is a first home or the last home that the homeowner will purchase, with consistent maintenance and a few repairs and updates, it can always have the look of a new home.

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