4 Ways To Protect Your Assets Regardless Of Global Markets


MarketsThe last few years have been discouraging for a lot of investors. Ordinary bank savings accounts and certificates of deposit produce dismal returns. The stock market has fluctuated so much that it is hard to know which markets are productive. Even real estate has declined, so many property owners have lost money. However, there are some ways to protect your assets no matter how well the global markets are performing.

Just stuffing your mattress with cash is not a good idea. If inflation continues, your cash will continue to lose value every year. Additionally, your currency may lose value against the currency of other countries. You need to find ways to invest that can actually make you money during good and bad times.


Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities

Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS) are as secure as treasury bills, guaranteed to hold their value during times of inflation, and pay interest two times a year. You can hold your security until it matures, or you are free to sell it before it matures. The principal of a TIPS is adjusted for inflation or deflation. When you sell, you get the adjusted or actual principal, depending upon which sum is greater.


Invest in Yourself

This may seem a little out-of-the-box, but you really are your own best asset during hard times. when you having trouble figuring out where to put your money, it might be time to consider spending some of your money to increase your chances of thriving. Take the time to educate yourself with courses that can increase your chances to find good employment.

Alternatively, consider investing in your own business. Companies that thrived during the Great Depression increased their advertising budgets.


Buy Property That Produces

You might invest in property for its potential market value. However, you can double your chances of making a good investment if you purchase property that is also productive while you are waiting for the value to go up. Good rental property or even farmland could be some good examples.


Consider Precious Metals As A Hedge Against Financial Troubles

Gold and other precious metals did a very good job of holding their own during the recent recession. Historically, gold has retained value during good times and bad times. You might consider investing in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium bullion as a way to protect yourself against inflation and market downturns. It is a good idea to get some good silver or gold investing advice from experienced traders and brokers before you get started.

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