10 Stories of Random Acts of Kindness


Changing the world starts with one small step, as long as many people do it. In order for good things to happen, people must choose to make small changes in other people’s lives.


Here are 10 stories of random acts of kindness that may bring a tear to your eye and possibly want to get up and go do something nice for someone, yourself.

1. Help from the enemy

This random act of kindness would surely surprise many. Sarah Tucholsky was injured while rounding first base in a softball game. According to the rules, her teammates could not help her. Instead, two players from the opposing team ran to her aid and helped her to complete a home run!

2. The help of strangers

Disabled and wheelchair-bound Patrick Connolly attended a Blake Shelton concert but could not see above the standing fans. His mother and sister could not support his weight long enough to hold him, so a kind stranger held him up for a half hour so he could enjoy a bit of the concert.

3. The French fry brother

Jason Loose purchased an order of French fries while vacationing in China. Seeing a homeless woman on the curbside, he sat down and shared his food with her. He has been nicknamed the “French Fry Brother” by those who have brought his deed into the spotlight.

4. A hefty tip

Due to the dying request of Aaron Collins, his family travels to random restaurants and leaves $500 tips.

5. Loving letters to a terminally ill man

Terminally ill, Scott O’Conner suffers from Down Syndrome and liver disease. His nephew went out of his way to tell Scott’s story on Reddit and asked for letters to lift his uncle’s spirits. Scott loves to open mail and this gift was right on time.

6. Lemonade sales

When Johnny Karlinchek saw his neighbor’s house destroyed by a fallen tree, he got all the money from his piggy bank to help her out. Unfortunately his small change did not cover her deductible, so he started to sell lemonade to help her out even more.

7. The gas gifter

Don Reed decided to fill up 80 drivers’ cars in a random act of kindness. He said that it really spread cheer for the holidays.

8. A savior just in time

Leaving her own car unattended, Leslie Bricknell acted courageously and saved children in an another vehicle. The kids had been left alone and their vehicle was rolling toward a busy intersection. Bricknell’s act of kindness may very well have saved their lives.

9. Blind dog rescue

A blind dog was found in a trash dumpster by Eldad Hagar. After donations totaling $4,000, Little Fiona was able to receive surgery that gave her sight in one eye. She is reportedly doing very well.

10. An overhaul of kindness

Locals banded together to help restore a woman’s vehicle that had been stolen and almost destroyed.

Random acts of kindness never have to be huge and expensive endeavors. It only takes a little love and dedication to change someone’s day and possibly alter the entire course of their life.


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