How to Drive Smarter While Saving Gas and Fuel


There are plenty of ways that you can drive smarter by reducing the amount of gas and fuel that you use in your car. Continue to read along to learn more about the various different ways that you can be smarter and more economical in the use of gas and fuel in your car.

Go easy on your accelerator

Most people who have been driving now for quite a while know that the harder they push on the accelerator, the more gas they will use. Some people feel rushed when people are driving close up behind them and so they drive faster or even drive over the speed limit. You could have road rage and speed off by pressing too hard on your accelerator, or just be speeding because you are late for work. Whatever the case is, just be a bit more calm and relaxed while driving and you will use less fuel.

Turn off the AC and roll your windows down

Did you know that when you have the AC on during the hot months of the year you are using up at least 10 % of the fuel in your vehicle?—It’s true! Using your AC will also cause some vehicles to run slower as well which will mean that you have to press harder than usual on your accelerator to drive the correct speed. So if you can, and if it’s a nice breezy day, you should roll your windows down and allow that natural breeze to cool you down!

Saving Gas and Fuel

Choose an economical vehicle

Many people are downsizing to smaller vehicles because they tend to use up way less gas than what an SUV or large diesel truck would use. You will get more gas per mileage with a smaller vehicle. If you don’t already have a vehicle then you just might be interested in checking out Frontier Leasing if you are not yet ready to buy a car, or if you want a classy looking car, but don’t want to have to pay the larger monthly payments that it would cost to own a car.

Carry lightly when on the go

Many people don’t think about this, but the more stuff you carry in your vehicle the harder you will have to press on the accelerator because your car is carrying more weight. When your vehicle is loaded with stuff it causes it to have to work harder to when accelerating, which means that more gas is used. While you might not want to get rid of that car jack and that spare tire in your trunk you can still carry a light weight stroller instead of the bigger stroller if you have children. Clean out your trunk of items that are just sitting back there that are not being used and that are taking up unnecessary space.

Is your fuel cap on tight?

Believe it or not this makes a difference. If your fuel cap is not on tightly you can lose up to about 2% of the fuel in your vehicle from the vapors escaping, so make sure the cap is on securely.

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