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Concentrated businessman having a phone call and working on his laptop in his officeCredit Card Processing Tips for E-Commerce Merchants

You have just started your own e-commerce business. You’ve assembled a great staff to assist you, your website is up and running, and your number of potential customers is increasing. Getting your own business off the ground is an exciting time, but it is also a time that requires solid business decisions to be made. One thing that is vital to all e-commerce businesses is the ability to accept credit card payments online. To do this, you must find a merchant services provider that you can rely on.

Which Provider Should You Choose?

Ever since the e-commerce boom, hundreds of merchant services providers have sprung up. Some offer US-only solutions, while others have expanded their reach to a global audience. When searching for a credit card processing solution, it is important to keep the big picture in your head—you want to partner with a provider that will accommodate all of your business needs the most. Below are just a few examples of qualities you should look for when choosing a merchant services provider.

Easy Application Process

Some providers will make you jump through hoops in order to apply for a merchant account. Look for legitimate and reputable providers that offer free applications.

Low Rates

A good merchant services provider will offer industry-low rates that will accommodate you. However, be aware of providers that advertise free merchant accounts, as these are just marketing ploys.

Banking Partners

The ideal provider is partnered with a number of domestic and offshore acquiring banks. This will insure that you have a number of merchant account options when applying.

Multi-Currency Processing

Imagine being able to sell your product all around the world? Some providers can make this a reality with multi-currency processing. Accept payments in different currencies and receive payouts in your own.

High Risk Solutions

If you are working in a high risk industry, it can be challenging to find a reliable credit card processing solution that is also affordable. When looking for merchant services, look for a provider that offers reasonably-priced high risk merchant accounts.

Compatible Payment Gateway

Having a payment gateway that is compatible with your site is vital. A merchant services provider should offer free payment gateway integration and technical support.

Legitimate Testimonials

When you find yourself on a provider’s website, look for a testimonials page. See how many merchants they serve, and what they have to say about their credit card processing services.

Fraud Protection and More

A great merchant services provider will not stop at just merchant accounts. They should also provide fraud protection services and expert tech support to insure your business’s security when processing payments.

Live Customer Service

Nobody wants to deal with automated answering services or machines when they have questions. Especially when those questions are about important issues like payment gateway problems or payout schedules. The best merchant services providers will have live representatives answer the phone every time, guaranteed.

Make a Good Investment

Investing in a reliable and experienced credit card processor is one of the best business decisions you can make. As an e-commerce business owner, you need services that are tailored specifically for your business. Take some time and conduct some research on the web. Read some reviews by professional bloggers and check out different websites. If you find a merchant account provider that seems to be a good match, call them. You will likely be able to tell if they run an honest, legitimate business by speaking to a representative.





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