The Advantage Asheville Insurance Agent


As an Asheville insurance agent will tell you, there are many different components to a home insurance plan. For example, the plan is going to have a maximum payout if there is a total loss, like the type that can be caused during a fire. There are going to be lower payout levels if the fire does not destroy the house, but causes a lot of damage. There will be another amount that you can get if you are robbed and you need to replace items that were stolen and pay to fix the damage that was caused during the break-in.


As you look at your home insurance plan, there are a number of things that you should think about. First, does the plan have set limits for different types of things? For instance, your plan might only give you $2,000 to replace any guns that are stolen. If you only have a hunting rifle, you are probably not going to go over that limit. If you are a gun collector, though, you could have $15,000 worth of guns in the home. You need to increase your gun coverage by adding to the plan, which the agent can help you do.

There are also set limits for business expenses. Do you use your computer for work or do you just use it to browse the Internet, using the one at the office to make money? Again, the limit may be lower than what you would have to claim after a fire or a robbery. If you have a $4,000 computer setup that you use for work, when you factor in the modem and all of the other parts, but you are only being given $1,500 for your business expenses, your whole system may not be replaced. You have to request additional coverage, which adds to the cost of your premiums.

Basically, before you agree to any coverage, it is necessary to look over the entire plan and then write down how many the things that you own are worth. If they are worth more than the amount that you would be paid, you have to talk to the agent about changing the plan. Even though the total payout may be high enough, you have to look a bit more in depth. Do not just assume that everything will be covered all the way up to that max.

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