Seven Advantages of a Marketing Automation System


marketing-automation-graphAutomated marketing requires the use of digital tools, normally supplied by third party providers. These tools streamline the more complicated advertising tasks, particularly those involving Big Data, social media management and close analysis. Automation gives companies (especially smaller businesses) advertising capabilities that they would not otherwise have. It opens new channels and allows for a better return on promotional efforts. Here are seven ways that business owners can use marketing automation tools to their advantage:

1. Improved Efficiency

Automated marketing takes the tedium out of complicated advertising activities. It condenses the data down into the relevant figures that indicate where you should focus your efforts for best effect. The end result is much better market efficiency, particularly for smaller businesses that wish to run error free social or large digital campaigns. Also, marketing automation manages the posting tasks and smaller updates accurately, whenever business owners are short on time. Hence, the little details are attended to, without much scope for error.

2. Quicker Reactions

Undoubtedly, one of the best advantages of a marketing automation system is that you can track an advertising campaign in real time and report the results (tweets, posts, comments, conversations, etc.). This means that you can see if a campaign is failing, or causing confusion among your customers. If it is, you can act straightaway, remove the problem and adjust your campaign.

3. Scoring Leads

Scoring leads is the practice of ranking advertising possibilities, depending on their potential. Your marketing automation system provider will offer tools and ideas, based on the leads that produce the best results for your specific industry. Also, some providers track every lead and score them, depending on certain pieces of data. This allows you to prioritize and contact the most targeted leads.

4. Fresh Channels

Automated promotion enables business owners to access channels that conventional methods would not give them time to access. This is particularly true with social networks, where multiple feeds and profiles can be managed simultaneously, with the minimum of effort. Otherwise, this would require hours of painstaking research and planning, or costly advertising consultants.

5. Bespoke Customer Promotions

A marketing automation system tracks both potential leads and all customer behavior. This includes shopping habits and orders. As far as Big Data goes, the tools can deliver tailored campaigns that business owners can send straight to their digital customers. Overall, customizing product adverts for each customer produces better conversion rates.

6. Suggestions for Content

Occasionally, advertisers just can’t decide what to post or blog about. Happily, several automated marketing providers offer guidance on which content will be most suitable for a specific industry. You just have to give them subjects or keywords. Then, your provider will respond with a range of content ideas and links that you can use to keep your marketing campaigns productive.

7. Monitoring Trends

Finally, marketing automation features a news feed specifically designed for your business. This gives you reports on product updates, industry news and important events that influence the brand and the products it offers. Keeping up-to-date with consumer trends, laws and other developments is made particularly easy.

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About the author: This article was written by marketing exec. and mother of three, Samantha Wheeler.

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