Selling Gold for Instant Cash: How Does it Work and What are The Advantages?


1330685665_324879142_1-Pictures-of--INSTANT-CASH-FOR-GOLD-BEST-PRICES-PAID-IN-KZNFor people who need cash quickly and easily, getting hold of it can often prove to be a real struggle. Some lenders, such as Wonga, have come under fire in recent weeks and months about their extortionate lending rates and unethical ways of conducting business.

An option that some people may wish to consider if they are looking for a chance to get their hands on some cash at short notice is to sell their gold. There are a number of different locations that someone who wants to do this can go to – Auto Money are one example. Though their main line of business is giving people an opportunity to get a loan secured on their car as collateral, they also have hundreds of stores around the UK – mainly based in and around the North of the country and the Midlands – and people are able to go into these stores and sell their gold for instant cash.

Here are a few examples of why selling gold to a company such as Auto Money can be a good idea for customers in search of quick cash.

Auto Money will make the person an offer, but there is no obligation to accept

Auto Money will value the items that a person brings into the store, and will then be able to make the customer an immediate cash offer. This helps put the customer into a stronger position, though, as they are under no set obligation to accept the value they are offered – they are more than welcome to keep hold of the gold if they feel it is of higher value than the offer that has been made.

Any grade of gold

Auto Money will accept any grade of gold that is brought into one of their stores. That includes 9 carat gold all the way up through 14 carat, 18 carat, 21 carat, 22 carat and up to 24 carat. This means that someone will get the right value for the right quality of gold that they are wanting to sell, and will not be underpaid or overpaid for what they are selling.

Immediate cash

The opportunity of receiving the cash there and then is what will draw most people into selling their gold. It may seem a shame that someone has to sell some of their gold – items that may have sentimental value or may have been in their family for generations, but the fact of the matter is that some people simply need the money, and do not have any other options. There is no waiting about for a bank transfer to go through or a cheque to clear; this is cold, hard, immediate cash.

These are a few of the reasons that taking immediate cash payment on gold can be a good option for some people. Auto Money stores are willing to buy items including gold jewellery, coins or sovereigns, white red and yellow gold, hallmarked gold, damaged jewellery and even tangled chains, so for someone who needs an immediate cash injection, Auto Money can offer a real lifeline.

This article looks at why some people may want to sell their gold for an instant cash payment. Auto Money are better known for offering people a loan secured on a car, but they also buy gold in store.

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