Moving Tips for Your Family

Moving Tips for Your Family

Once you have decided to sell your home and move, whether locally or across the country, you still have a great deal of work ahead of you. Follow these tips to ensure that your move progresses as seamlessly as possible.

Moving Tips for Your Family
Moving Tips for Your Family


Hold a Family Meeting

Moving can be stressful for families and it is important to follow some useful moving tips for your family. The sooner that you can let all of your family know about the move, the better. Your children, depending upon their ages, may be scared or unhappy, but you can help ease their worries by letting them know the reasons for the move and how this presents them an exciting opportunity for a fresh start. Suggest the possibility that they can have their own room (or a bigger room if they already have their own). If you’re just moving across the city, remind them that they’ll still be able to see all of their friends.


It can be very hard on children to say goodbye to friends, so if you’re leaving town, you might consider planning a small gathering where they can exchange important contact information with friends. Make sure you take pictures.


Start Purging

As you take stock of what you own, consider clearing out clutter. There are going to be a lot of things that you won’t need to take with you to your new home. You will want to divide your items into categories of things that can be sold, donated, and thrown away. You will also find items that hold special memories, and these should be packed separately, and possibly sent to a storage unit to clear out space.


Set up a Timeline

You will need to decide how long it will take you to pack and clean out the house. Set aside a day or two per large room and organize utility transfers and hookups in advance of your move. You should set a date for a moving sale and have all items organized, inventoried, and priced before the sale date. Ask your children to help you and let them know that the proceeds of the sale will be used to purchase something special for the new house.


Set a budget

You may need to hire a moving truck and set aside money for items you’ll be placing in storage. You will also need money for gas, food, and if the move is long distance, a hotel too. Make sure to consider Affordable Moves if you’re looking for Tallahasse storage units in order to get the best rates!


Organize your documents

Important documents should all be kept in one location. Medical and school records should be transferred in advance so that you won’t have to worry about them at the last minute. Make sure insurance is in place at your new residence and that you have transferred your policy over to your new home.


Label Boxes

As boxes are packed, label them according to which room they need to go to. Children can label their own boxes with their names so they know which ones contain their personal belongings. Essential items should be clearly marked and unpacked first.

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