Designing the Perfect Business Card


Business cards were once designated only to the high rollers and huge multinational corporations, but those days are gone and now anybody who provides some type of business or service has their own business cards helping to promote their services.

Business cards make the perfect way to easily distribute your contact details and important information to prospects and potential clients. You can do this by hand, in person during meetings or at events, and you can even distribute them through the mail, post them through letterboxes, place them in shop windows etc. There are a huge range of ways you can use business cards to help increase your reach and ultimately get more business.

bloggy_business_card_stackIn order to make the most from your business cards you need them to stand out, if they don’t stand out then they’re not going to do the job you want them to. To give you an idea of what you need to accomplish to get your design to stand out, I have found a bunch of great samples which I’ve included in this post for your inspiration.

Hopefully these awesome examples have given you some great fresh and creative ideas which you can take away and incorporate into a design for your own business cards.

If you decide you want to print business cards for your business then head on over to the NextDayFlyers website to get started. They are the first choice for Next Day Flyers in LA and across the United States. If you have your own design then you can upload that for them to print, but if you don’t have your own design – don’t worry as NDF have you covered, you can pick from a huge range of ready-made templates and customize them with your details. All of the templates are designed by professionals and provided for you to use at no extra charge.

Take advantage of this today! For less than $15 you can order 100 business cards and have them delivered to your door the very next day ready for you to start promoting your business. What’s $15 worth to you? 100 business cards is 100 potential leads, that works out as little as 0.15 per lead – prices like that are hard to come by with digital methods of marketing and they are not nearly as targeted as you can be with your business cards.


Lynn Bradley is a regular contributor to many small business, technology and design related blogs around the web. With a background in marketing, he is keen to share tips and advice with business owners. Lynn loves to travel and hopes to one day do the LOTR trek through New Zealand.

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