A First Time Buyers Guide to Purchasing Your First Home


When one purchases their first home it can be an exciting but overwhelming time in their life. There are many things that first time buyers might not be aware of.  First time home buyers often turn to a home buying guide to help them out. Here are some things to look for when buying a house for the first time.


A Complete Checklist

Consulting a guide for first time home owners is the best way to obtain a checklist that helps keep people on track and avoid missing any crucial steps in the process. Working one’s way methodically through a checklist can make the process less overwhelming and more efficient.

Determine A Budget

Determining a budget beforehand is a crucial thing to do. How much someone can afford to spend to buy their first house depends a lot on how much money they can comfortably borrow. Since interest rates often go up, it is always good to determine the minimum amount one is willing to spend on a house and the maximum amount they are willing to spend on it. Most of the time, the cost of the house will fall somewhere in between. Even loans that come with a fixed rate can become problematic if one gets in over their head financially.

Finding The Ideal House

It is important to look at many houses before settling on one to purchase. Multiple trips to each house being considered is a good way to make sure the house is what one wants before they proceed with the legal actions they will need to take to buy the house. Any house that deserves a second look should be visited by both the person interested in buying it and a friend or family member that they trust. Second visits to a potential house should be longer than the first visit. On the second visit it is a good idea to really inspect the house closely and perhaps even take notes about it. Important rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom should be in good, working order. It is better to know what problems come with the house before buying it rather than finding out afterwards.

Obtain A Solicitor

Once someone has determined the house they want to purchase the next step is to obtain a solicitor. It is the job of the solicitor to conduct they conveyance. This involves checking all legal aspects surrounding the sale. This is when it is determined that the person selling the house has the legal authority to do so. The solicitor will have to make sure there are no current disputes regarding the land the house is on. Then the mortgage company will want to survey the house.

Contract Proceedings

At this point in the process, the contract is drawn up and the buyer pays a deposit to the seller. Once this has taken place, the seller is not permitted to offer the house to anyone else.

It is better to take the assistance of a home buying guide to crack the best deal in purchasing a house.

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