5 Affordable Marketing Solutions for Today’s Businesses


spend-saveMarketing is one of the key aspects to success with nearly any company.  It helps drive sales and can easily increase awareness about the business.  Without marketing efforts, many companies cannot stay in afloat.  Sadly, few businesses have the budget for large-scale marketing efforts.  Sometimes, they would rather spend their money on extra employees, research, product development, accounting, or other edeavors.  Since it is hard to forgo marketing entirely, companies should take advantage of inexpensive solutions to promote their businesses.  The following are 5 examples of affordable marketing solutions that work.

1 – Signs

First, many businesses benefit from signs and vinyl banners.  This form of marketing is particularly helpful for companies who have a physical storefront.  It’s easy and inexpensive for them to make a sign to advertise a promotion or a new product that arrived.  These signs generate interest and often get people inside the door.  Sometimes this is the most difficult part of the marketing process.  Once they are inside, selling the actual product or service is much easier.

2 – Social Media

Next, social media is becoming more and more important for every company.  It’s a great way to reach a lot of people and it’s less expensive than other web based marketing.  In addition, most people are starting to expect companies to use social media.  They use it as a forum to interact with the business.  On these pages, they can comment on how the business is doing, ask questions, write reviews, suggest the business to their friends, and more.

3 – Referral Program

Furthermore, many businesses are developing referral programs to help them promote their products or services.  For example, they might provide an incentive to current customers to refer their services to their friends and families.  Referrals are prime customers.  They are the customers that every company hopes to retain through their marketing efforts.  Thus, using the current customers to help businesses reach these people makes sense, because it is ultimately less effort and expense for the marketing team.

4 – Flyers

In terms of printed materials to hand out to potential and current customers, flyers are a great low cost form of advertising.  They do not require the postage cost of mailers and you can use them anywhere.  For example, some people place them on car doors.  Other businesses place them on the front doors of homes or offices.  It is easy to be strategic with these flyers.  For example, a carpenter might choose to place his flyers around all the new homes in the area.

5 – Business Cards

Finally, never overlook the value of the good old-fashioned business card.   This card is particularly beneficial for working professionals.  It is a great way to advertise the services they offer, especially at networking events.  Many people make the mistake of leaving home without these cards during a client meeting.  They also forget to include them in thank you cards or in their invoice.  When they do this, they fail to pass on contact information and credentials that could be useful to their customer.

These are just 5 examples of affordable marketing solutions for today’s businesses.  Take advantage of them today if you are on a budget and trying to cut costs.

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