Housing Starts Expected To Be Positive Next Week


The Federal Savings Bank informs readers of what the market expects in terms of housing starts next Tuesday, April 16th. With continued positive data surrounding the housing market the bank continuously encourages its major clients, veterans, to get approved for a home loan.

The Federal Savings Bank is anxious to see what housing starts post next Tuesday, April 16th. Housing starts which is a barometer of the commitment of builders to new housing construction. This activity is forecast by analysts to be 924K on Tuesday which would be am increase of 0.76% over March’s figure of 917K. With the housing market posting positive numbers with respect to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index and Housing Starts sitting near record highs, the bank continues to encourage its main clientele, veterans, to get approved for a home loan.

“The housing market is in full swing in regards to the recovery, in fact things are going so well that headlines are starting to produce renewed bubble predictions in the market. We believe housing may correct a bit at some point but for the most part we expect home prices to post a positive gain at years end” says Nick of The Federal Savings Bank. If housing starts post 924K on Monday the figures will be on pace to increase by 0.76% which is almost the same about as it rose from February to March (0.8%).

The Federal Savings Bank asks to prospective clientele, veterans, to recognize the housing markets recovery. VA home loans include many advantages. Zero money down, and a better chance of getting approved with a lower credit score than with a conventional loan are just a couple benefits. The Department of Defense has increased its annual basic housing allowance stipend which can go a long way in helping veterans pay for utilities or a mortgage over time. For more information on obtaining a VA home loan, please visit: TheFederalSavingsBank.com

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