Starbucks Boldly Goes Green In 2013


The Coffee Giant Aims for the Environmental Hall of Fame


$1 Cup to help promote a less wasteful coffee experience

As a former Starbucks Barista at the first store outside Seattle, located in San Francisco CA’s own Marina District. I am pleased to see that Starbucks continues its push for a responsible approach to business. Will this bold move pay off remains to be seen.

The store I worked at already had a huge following of using re-usable cups to lessen the cities waste. This is a great indicator that many Starbucks regulars will catch on to the trend, especially in large cities where there is more need for responsible waste management.

“I think it’s a good first step because it does raise awareness,” said Julie Urlaub, founder and managing partner of environmental consulting firm Taiga Company. “This is a campaign that’s in alignment with the company’s values and their sustainability plan.”

Their cups were a little expensive for the regular cup of joe lover. With this addition I think Starbucks is in line for a huge 2013 success story.Now I won’t pretend that I was living in a city with a long standing and  established environmental push for less waste.

The city of San Francisco was and is used to re-using cups. So its up to the customers to make the change. Starbucks can only provide the incentive. The multinational company already has a policy of allowing a 10 cent discount if you bring in a re-usable cup.

Knowing Starbucks like I do I am sure they will have barista’s suggesting the less expensive cup alternative as often as they can. The cheaper cup will empower regulars living in the suburbs who frequent the drive-thruogh’s. That means drive through customers could catch on to the trend as tacking on a dollar is much less of a commitment then adding five dollar cup which essentially doubles your order cost.

Smart decisions like this by the company will surely earn a rise in their stocks.

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