The War on Snacks Begins!


Snack Tax could spark the next big boom!


Government seeks to pass legislation that will tax food with no nutritional value.


A tax on high fat and high sugar foods is on the chalkboard as of late. Approximately 1 in 3 Americans believe that taxing the obese more heavily is the solution according to a national survey conducted  by Phalanx Investment Partners LLC, utilizing a national survey service.

Despite the large amount of people calling for a tax on the obese some have come to a more balanced approach to the problem. Legislation to tax food with no nutritional value such as snacks and junk food could be on its way soon. This tax very similar to the tax on tobacco might have an affect on consumption however it may not deliver the one-two punch necessary to tackle this problem.

To solve obesity one must only look to the legislation that caused it. With government subsidies going around like hot cakes to companies who produce snacks with no nutritional value. It sure is easy to see how competition is tough as a  healthy food producing company being left out of the privileged pocket. Much like a politician with no campaign financing and expectations to win.

As for me it looks as if this tax law passes there will be a new window for connoisseur candy shops to open up. A place where ordinary chocolate now much less available is sold by the gram at a price nearly equal to gold.

We will miss you oh delicious ones!


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