Talk of Raising Taxes on Millionaires as Fiscal Cliff Looms


Millionaire’s Money Safe for the Time



Secretary Boehner was unsuccesful at rallying support for a new tax on those earning over one million dollars per year. The Gop canceled any possible vote on such legislation.

House Speaker John Boehner said it is now in the hands of our president Barrack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to find alternative ways to avoid the fiscal cliff.

“The Senate mucst now act,” he said. After an 11th hour meeting of GOP leaders, Ohio Rep. Steve LaTourette said Boehner had told lawmakers, “He’s going to Call the president and he’s going to go down and talk to him and maybe they can hammer something out.”
The White House nor Reid have offered any comments on the subject yet.

President Obama has long been trying to get some sort of a deal worked out before the House went into Christmas recess. Which they did today.

“While the White House slow-walks us all to the edge of the fiscal cliff, Republicans are once again taking action to protect American families, our economy, and our national securit,” Boehner’s office said after failling to get the amount of support necessary to claim $55 billion in cuts to the defense budget while adding new cuts to social programs.

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