Where are the daily VA Home Loan Rates Posted?


There is no place that I am aware of that publishes current daily rates for VA Loan.

BankRate.com posts an average of mortgage rates for the day for 30 year rates.

Typically, VA rates run about .25% less than this published rate…but each lender differs slightly depending on where and how they buy their monies on the market.
So it’s not a perfect world right?
I agree!

Maybe we need a fixed published rate for all lenders so that we can take the guessing game out of this darn thing and remove the scam programs from scam brokers too. I mean that’s what Congress should be doing about this mortgage mess right?

Yet, I can understand that we need leave competition in the marketplace too so that rates remain low.  Hum?

Anyway, rates are really low compared to what we had back in the early 80s and even the 90s…..I mean, sometimes we in America take our money market efficiencies for granted and forget how good we have it. I mean do you know what consumers in Mexico, our neighbor, pay for their mortgage monies?

Try double digits….yeah, in the 15% range! Talk about inefficiency causing consumer harm…..they have it bad there. We are fine here in the 6.25% fixed for 30 year range….thank goodness we live in great country…we just have to a better job and fix the loopholes that invite a few who try to take
it for granted and abuse it.

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