Divorced and Paying VA Loan for Spouse, Am I Eligible for a VA Home Loan?


by Frank Lozano, VA Loan Specialist, DirectVALoan.com

So today I received a VA Home Loan question from a Veteran who says,

In 1991 my then wife and I purchased a home.  In June 1997 we got divorced and I quit claimed the deed to my ex-wife.  Now according to our divorce deal I have to make the monthly mortgage payments in lieu of alimony payments.  Since then, I have made all the mortgage payments to my ex-wife.  She pays the mortgage company.  My name is still on the original VA loan. Can I get a new VA Home Loan?

Well, here’s the deal.  Unfortunately his ex-wife needs to refinance the loan and get it out of his name.  Then he can use the VA Home Loan Benefit again to get a new VA Home Loan.

Now, if that is NOT possible, then he can apply for an FHA or Conventional Loan. So he chooses to go the FHA / Conventional route, here’s what he can do now;

1.       Click to our web site at http://www.amerisave.com/partner/flozano

2.       In the big ORANGE box titled SEARCH MORTGAGE RATES, fill in your info and click on GET RATES

3.       You will be given several choices to apply now for a FHA / Conventional Mortgage. 

4.       When you find the loan that meets your needs, click on the APPLY NOW button.

That’s it.  Once we get your application in, we will contact you back with further details so we can take the next step and get that loan funded.

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