Does the VA Have Special VA Home Loan Programs for Disabled Veterans?


by Frank Lozano, Loan Officer, Amerisave Mortgage

Recently, I had a disabled Veteran apply for a VA Mortgage. He had a credit score below what we could normally get funded. Furthermore he asked;

“I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran barely surviving on a VA disability pension. I am 100% disabled and will need special modification to the home paid for by the VA, also up and to $ 25,500. I need a smart home because I am ambulatory due to wounds suffered in NAM. Is there anything that the VA can do to help me? Is there a government program for me?”

Well, yes, the VA does have programs for specially adapted homes. Income will be key as well as what is on his credit report. If the score is low because of medical bills we have a better chance then if it is a bunch of credit cards and such.

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