Do It Yourself Credit Repair for U.S. Veterans


Do It Yourself Credit Repair for VeteransVeterans Can Fix Their Own Credit Challenges

DIY Software Makes Credit Repair for Veterans Fast, Easy, and Effective

by John P. Allen,

Can Veterans fix their own credit problems? Well, as General Manager of, I have been helping Veterans get VA Loans for many years now. Most of the work is helping veterans position themselves properly so that getting that VA Home Loan is fast, simple, and easy.

Now, the biggest single reason that I can’t help veterans get a VA Home Loan funded is that darn credit score. Typically, our lenders need a credit score of 580 or better to fund a VA home loan mortgage. However, too many of our veterans have scores that are lower than this threshold. Thus, I spend much of my time counseling veterans on how to get that score up. It’s tough on everyone!

Now if the veteran is making lots of money and is a position where they really have no time to invest, they can hire expensive credit counseling services to do it for them. But really, most of our veterans are not in that position. So I am always asked, “What can we do to get our credit fixed and our score up? Well folks, we can do it ourselves and here’s how;

experianFirst, we must get get pro-active by attacking the problem, not as an obstacle but as a challenge. In fact, let’s adjust the word “problem” that we use in our discussion here and replace it with the word “challenge”. This adjustment will allow us to get in the right frame of mind to succeed. Believe me, it’s a tiny change that makes a huge difference. In fact, you might want to use this technique in every day life. Yeah, with your kids, family, at work. It’s really effective! I do and it always works. Well, except with my wife! But hey, give it a try anyway! We continue…..

To resolve credit challenges, we must find find out what issues are really at play on our credit report. Now, there are sites like that will provide us with a copy of our report for a fee. That’s a good start. But really, we need more power than just knowing. We need a tool that will launch and manage our MISSION TO FIX THE CREDIT REPORT.

The tool I recommend is written by a caring fellow veteran in Denver Colorado. Its really good, just like the pros use. It’s called YOUR CREDIT WIN. It’s a software application that you install on your computer. Check it out!

It will give you the power to take action, track, and resolve your credit challenges so that you can start repairing your credit right now efficiently and effectively NOW!

But before you get YOUR CREDIT WIN software and start using it, here are some things you need to know!

– Up to 79% of all credit reports do contain some errors, according to consumer reports.
– By law, all unverified credit information must be removed from your credit report.
– Restored credit will help you qualify for cars, credit cards, loans, mortgage and refinance at the lowest rates possible.
– Bad Credit will cost you thousands of dollars in higher interest and fees.

Do It Yourself Credit Repair for Military VeteransIs Credit Repair Legal?

Surprisingly, this is still often asked. It is because of consumer complaints about inaccuracies and incomplete credit reports that congress passed laws allowing for, and specifying the procedures, for credit repair. This credit repair process is 100% legal. In fact, one of the key laws (The Fair And Accurate Credit Transactions Act) was recently updated with many important provisions. Congress has also created law, The Credit Repair Organizations Act, which authorizes a third party to assist you in challenging inaccurate credit reports. This is why so many “Credit Repair” companies are now charging $500 to “Help” you correct your reports.

Are There Other Laws That Affect The Credit Repair Process?

Yes, some laws directly impact the reporting on your credit reports. Others have an indirect affect by clarifying processes for disputes and collection procedures between consumers and creditors. These include: The Fair Debt Collections Practice Act, The Consumer Credit Reporting Reform Act, The Consumer Reporting Employment Clarification Act, as well as many state laws.

How Does The Credit Repair Process Work?

The credit bureaus, as well as creditors, are required to follow accuracy procedures before they can legally place information on your credit report. Any information that is not complete, or not accurate, or not verifiable is not supposed to remain. During the process creditors and credit bureaus are forced to back up their claims of accuracy. Once an error is identified, if it can’t be proven 100% accurate, the item must be removed. There are other methods also used in special situations. These are explained on a case-by-case basis. Start by examining a client’s personal credit file held by each of the major credit reporting bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax and Experian). Then, identify any accounts that contain information that could be considered adverse. Next, dispute all of the accounts that contain inaccurate, erroneous, or obsolete information on the client’s behalf and have the accounts deleted or updated accordingly. Finally consult your clients on how to avoid future negative credit listings while educating them with helpful tips on how to use their credit to their advantage and boost their scores.

Does Paying Off Old Bills Repair My Credit?

“I would encourage anyone to take advantage of Your Credit Win repair software because it works! And it will save countless hours – many thanks” D. Weisenburger of Colorado.

Old debts need to be handled very carefully. It would take too long to explain in detail here, but to summarize one key problem: When you pay an old debt off, it does NOT remove it from your credit report, as many consumers assume. Instead, it is updated as a PAID collection or PAID charge-off, etc. This is better than unpaid, but not as good as it being removed entirely. Sometimes PAID is the best you can do, other times you can do better.There are other factors that need to be weighed before approaching old debts. Collection statues need be considered and will vary from state to state.

How Will I Know When The Negatives Come Off My Reports?

You will receive an update from the credit bureaus themselves for each issue that we initiate an action on.

How Long Will The Whole Process Take?

In the vast majority of cases, veterans who use YOUR CREDIT WIN see results in as little as 30 days. The length of time to complete the full program will vary from person to person. Each case is unique. The number of issues, the type of issues, and the participation level of the creditors and bureaus will all have an impact on the speed of the process. Typically, the range will be from 3-4 months.

Is It Possible For An Item That Was Removed To Be Put Back On My Credit Report?

It is possible, but extremely rare. The credit bureaus are required by law to send a 5-day notice before placing something back on a consumer’s credit report. In addition, there is a higher burden of verification placed on the credit bureau. Because of these added provisions, it is extremely rare for the same item to be reinserted.

As you may know, Professional Credit Repair Companies can charge thousands of dollars, so Do it Yourself & Raise Your Credit Score 30-120 FICO Points. Why wait?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) cautions consumers to be wary of companies that make claims regarding credit repair. These companies, commonly called credit clinics, don’t do anything for consumers that consumers cannot do for themselves at little or no cost. So why wait to help youself, just do it.

With YOUR CREDIT WIN, you can dispute, manage and track your credit file. Once ou understand what goes into your credit scores, you can fix and maximize your credit potiential. More, the system will teach you how to get your FREE ANNUAL CREDIT REPORT. Did you know that everyone is entitled to a free credit report from all 3 credit agencies once a year? Yeah, and maybe more often under certain circumstances! Your Credit Win will give you the power!

YOUR CREDIT WIN is a TRUE step-by-step credit repair software that anyone can apply to remove inaccurate, outdated, and unverifiable information about bankruptcy, tax lien, judgment, foreclosure, repossession, credit repair inquires, credit report rejections, and late payments from all 3 credit bureau reports… Immediately!

“Finally! A Professional Credit Repair Tool that a Consumer Can Use!” B. MaCartney of Arizona


  • Works with all 3 Credit Agencies!
  • Unlimited Credit Disputes
  • Credit Dispute Letter Generator
  • Track Your Credit Repair Results
  • Contacts Manager
  • Events Calendar
  • Tasks Manager
  • User Tracking
  • Web Tips
  • Export to Excel, Word, PDF more

So the question is “Do you do it yourself, hire a company to do it for you, or just sit and do nothing?”. Well, as men and women of the armed forces, we all know that latter is unacceptable. So proceed soldier…..and lets’ get’r done!

About the Author: John P. Allen is General Manager of He has been counseling Veterans on VA Home Loans and Credit Issues for over 20 years.


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