Indepth Look at China’s Gold Holdings | Inside the Vault

Indepth Look at China’s Gold Holdings | Inside the Vault

Where did China get its gold? An indepth look at China’s impending gold holdings announcement, the inclusion of the Renminbi in the IMF SDR basket, and the overall effect on the gold price. Have a discussion with one of BMG’s precious metals experts: Watch Video Related Posts:Global Monetary Reset is ComingBullionBuzz eNewsletter | Feature:Greek […]

Wealth Abyss

One percent already has half the world’s wealth under its thumb and at this rate is set to accumulate even more. Is this sustainable?

Towards a Green Economy: Private or Public?

if we allow the free market to operate it will gravitate towards the thing that is cheapest. And right now the price of oil is going down to just let the market operate on its own without some form of major public sector intervention, there’s no chance whatsoever that we’re going to achieve climate stabilization.

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